Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reader's Workshop Housekeeping

This is where we keep our bookbags, writing, math, and reading journals.
Today's goal....review!  When we left for break, our Daily 5 expectations were being tested.  Now it is time to review and reign it in:-)  During the break I spent a good deal of time cleaning out my student's bookbags and cubbies.  I found all sorts of things that didn't need to be there.  Today we shared about what should be in our bookbags, why we have bookbags, and how to keep ourselves together.  So I took pictures and posted them on the cubbies as reminders for how to keep tidy.  We reviewed on task reading behaviors too, for more info. check this post.

What goes in our cubby:
Books INSIDE the bag, not thrown in the cubby.  Bookbag on top of journals.

Closed flat journals        

Just right books....not extra bookmarks, pencils, etc
Everyone gets a day to change books.  The thought of the whole class changing at once is pure craziness.  So students trade books on their day or they can keep reading the ones they have.  They just have to be aware that their day to change won't be around again for another seven days.

 Happy Reading!
PS if you haven't heard the buzz about the new blog The Best Endings, you don't know what your are missing.  Check it out!