Wednesday, December 26, 2012

 2012 Book Review

Last year there was a linky party called 11 in 2011. One of the 11 topics was goals for 2012.  My goal had to do with reading (although a friend told me my goal should have to with joining the online dating world:-)  Anyway I am an avid reader....of mostly kids books and young adult fiction.  Classic literature is a genre I kind of avoid.  So this year I read Persuasion, but Jane Austin.  Goal met:-)  I should probably read some more classic literature, but everyone needs a starting point.  Here is my review of 2012 reading 

Donalyn Miller is my hero when it comes to reading and inspiring other readers.  She is part of the Nerdy Book Club...another of my favorite book blogs.  Her recent post is about Minding the Book Gap.  In addition to avoiding classic literature, I also avoid non-fiction...all non-fiction.  To bridge my current gap, here are some books heading to the top of my stack:

The Great Gatsby
Northanger Abbey
The End of Your Life Book Club
I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had
Happily taking other classic lit or non-fiction suggestions.

Happy Wednesday,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

 12 in 12

Kristin and Hadar are having their annual 12 in 12 party.  Make sure you get in on the party!
12.  Favorite Movie:
It was difficult to choose....but because I love my dad and watching baseball with him, Trouble With the Curve wins.  (However, I am SO looking forward to Les Miserables and may have to edit this post later.)  Pitch Perfect was a close second (so much funnier than I expected).
11.  Favorite New and Old TV Series:
While I realize this is not a new is new to me and I am hooked. Knock knock knock-Penny. Knock knock knock-Penny. Knock knock knock-Penny!!
New show...that is quite clever...and a good substitute while I wait for new episodes of BBC's Sherlock and Downton Abbey

10.  Favorite Restaurant:
Still Spaghetti Factory....I am a creature of habit:-)  Pretty sure this my favorite restaurant last year also.
9.  Favorite Book:
The One and Only Ivan is an amazing story.  Go read it!  Our local zoo, just had a baby elephant born and my kiddos made some great connections between the event and the story.

8.  Favorite Gift:
A tie between student made me a fleece blanket, with volleyballs all over it and the LA toaster/waffle class knows me so well!
7.  Favorite Thing Pinned:
This was REALLY difficult...but I narrowed it down to two!
  The Laptop Privacy Sweater...cracks me up EVERY time I see it!
   Quite a clever thought-
6.  Favorite Blog Post:
How Many my favorite blog post.  When I originally found the world of blogging, I just stalked and got lots of great ideas.  Then I thought about how maybe things going on in my class might help inspire someone else.  This post is exactly what I love about blogging...the sharing and then adapting of ideas from one teacher to another.   I blogged about an art project we did and then my friend Jenny at Owl Things First adapted it for her class!
5.  Favorite Accomplishment:
I made a roast...all by took 13 hours in the crock pot (I may need a new crock pot).  But I did it and it was delicious.

4.  Favorite Picture:
3.  Favorite Memory:
Every year, I coach a spring volleyball team.  Usually 4th and 5th grade.  This year, I also coached a 6th-8th grade team.  At a practice, one girl started laughing, hysterically and within minutes the whole team was on the floor laughing....still no one knows what they were all laughing at.
2.  Goal for 2013:
Continually look for the good, when things seem difficult.  I can complain about giant class size or be glad for the special personalities that I get to hang out with everyday! I truly do LOVE what I do.
1.  One Little Word:
Happy Sunday,