Sunday, August 14, 2011

 Library Love

I love the public library!  Not only can I check out hundreds of hard copy books, but e-books as well.  Recently I discovered the ability to save books to a list and then put them all on hold at the same time.  And next year at this time, I can repeat the process with the books already placed on that list.   What a genius plan that saved me tons of time.  So I began two lists:  Back to school read-alouds and Books about books and reading.  Looking forward to picking up giant stacks of books. Thank you public libraries.

Last year, to build a "coolness" quality into using public libraries, I started a Library Card Club.  We drew a Mo Willems Pigeon, added a speech bubble that said, "Pigeon wants a Library Card, " and then when students brought their library card to school, I took their picture and added it to the bulletin board.  I wish I had a picture to share.

Click here for the letter I sent out about the Library Card Club.
I Love libraries so much, I have TWO library cards:-)  Well actually I have three....Multnomah County Library has Educator Cards.  It lets you check books out for six weeks instead of three, as well as put 30 books on hold instead of 15.  If you have access, check it out!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

 Back to School Beginnings

Although school doesn't officially start until September, I am too excited to wait. I thought I would start with a picture review of what I must put back up and use this year.
Inspired by The Book Whisperer, I challenged my chickadees to read 40 books. We kept track on a bulletin board. Once they finished the book, they hole punched it and added it to their ring.
Three kinds of readers. At the beginning of the year, we act out what they look like....everyone loves to act out the pretender. Then at the end of reader's workshop we check in and see how we did that day.
Love my new drawer labels. They are adhesive and clear. All I did was add some scrapbook paper and the names slide in and out!
Love my lunch board. Students make their own magnet on the first day of school. So cute.