Monday, October 6, 2014

 Themes from Lyrics

#onlytwokiddaysthisweek #icanmakeit
Every year, I make a class playlist.  Each student tells me their favorite song and I add them to a playlist.  I love it!  There are songs I hear now and I think, "oh that is _______'s song."  Many songs, I know and don't worry about content/lyrics.  This year I had a handful of girls chose Ariana Grande songs.  I read through the bad words and then I started thinking about the message some of the songs were sending and decided to let the class decide.  I put the lyrics on the projector and we read them...not sang them and immediately the kids were not fans of having the songs on our playlist.  It was an interesting thing to notice that when you take the tune are really able to focus on what the song is saying.

The lightbulb....we are beginning our study into themes in literature...and there was clearly a message in the songs we were looking up.  SO this week we are studying the themes in some popular songs before we dive into literature.

The kids loved it.  We did are starting our study with Frozen's Let It Go. We read the lyrics and watched the sing-along video version.  Then I printed the lyrics out for everyone.
Finally we talked about needing proof for our thinking.  I gave them a sentence frame to help them get started.
Next up is The Lego Movie's Everything is Awesome.

Happy Monday,