Thursday, June 19, 2014

 Reading in the Wild Chapter 1

If you have not heard of Donalyn Miller, stop reading this post and go to the library or book store right now.  Find a copy of The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild and read them.  Then come back and join the summer book study for Reading in the Wild

 Here are your chapter 1 hosts:
The first chapter is about dedicating time to read....not just in your classroom, but in everyday life.  I really like what Donalyn calls, "Edge times".  Read when you wait for the car people, read when you are at a siblings soccer practice, etc.  I love the idea of having kids come up with a list of places that may provide "edge times".   Oh my gosh...could an edge time be waiting in line at recess?  (Could I give up control and let them take a book outside)  Something to think about..... Last summer, while in New York, the 30 minutes Subway ride was my daily edge time in the midst of a busy vacation. 

Kids could also share about how to make edge times happen.  Do they make sure they always have a book with the car, in their bag.  They take their ipods they have a reading app on it?  Books at their fingertips.  My purse buying criteria always involves whether or not it can hold at least one book.  

Chapter 1 Application to Classroom:
Anchor Charts-
"Where Can Readers Read...for a Long While?"
"Where Can Readers Read...for a Short While (Edge Time)?"
"What Tools Do Readers Need to Read During Edge Times?"

What do you think?  When to you cram in some reading time?  What are your reading plans this summer?

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

 Summer Plans

Summer Plans in Pictures-

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PS....already finished 8 books for my bookaday challenge!

 Fractions and Literature

The Math and Literature series by Marilyn Burns is one of my favorite math teaching tools.  The book suggests books and lessons that tie math and story together.  Kids come up with al kinds of ideas to explain because they have such an unstructured way to respond to the math prompt.  The story form gets kids who often get stuck a different way to think about math concepts.   
This lesson was all about how to equally share cookies based on an event from Little House in the Big Woods.

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