Friday, February 14, 2014

 Five for ValenFriday

This week flew by!  Monday was a snow day, yesterday was our Valentine's Shenanigans, and today is a teacher work day.  So how bout a 5 for Friday Review?

1-Heart Art
Sharpie, Markers, and a Rule.  Two colors for the heart and two different colors for background.  Color checkerboard style.
2-Valentine Party Shirley Temple Floats
Easy Peasy:  Cherry 7Up, Ice Cream, Cherries, and Whip Cream
3-Fraction BINGO Valentine Book Swap
Instead of exchanging cards, students wrapped up a book and we played BINGO for books!  About half the class still did bring and exchange cards:-)
4-M & M Sorting
We began fractions...hoping candy tricks students into believing they are fun!
New Read Aloud
The Miraculous Journey of Edward!  I did not get to read this last year, because I looped with half the class.  So happy to be sharing it with a new group of Chickadees!

How was your week?  Have you survived the Snowpocalpyse....Full Moon/Valentine Combo???
And just a have 11 more days to enter a custom made canvas giveaway.  Can I enter my own giveaway???
Happy Friday,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

 It's Wednesday....How Bout a Giveaway!

It snowed here...finally!  We ended up with a four day weekend because of the weather.  I watched all of Downton Abby season 4, some Friday Night Lights, and got a small stack of books read.
My puppy loved it too--
Anyway to celebrate the snow and share some Valentine's love, I have a giveaway!  A very talented friend of mine makes words into really cool canvas art. 
Her facebook page:
Her etsy page:
She will make a canvas customizable for whatever events are in your future....a baby shower, teacher appreciation, friend/family think it she can create it.  You pick the background, the words, etc. and she will masterfully put it together on a 10x10 sized canvas.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck and Happy Wednesday,