Sunday, January 19, 2014

 Rollin Some More

One of my favorite things about teaching 1st grade was all the really fun units that drove the year.  Then I moved to second and while we still had units it just didn't have the same feel as first grade.  This year is my first year teaching a straight 3rd grade (the past couple have been blends).  I was determined to find units that would be new, fun, and include the academic stuff too.  We started with Bears....I have a bunch of pics that I need to get into a post.  We have now moved onto Forces and Motion.  Last year we did this unit in mini-form.  It is one of my favorites!  Thought I would share some of the work we have done so far.  

Some anchor charts-
A place to keep our work.
Inside our file, we keep two books.  The journal is for any writing, thinking, and ahas we have during our experiments.  The data log is for recording our experiment information.
Before we could begin our experiments, we had to set some standards so that everyone tested their ramp with the same experiments.  That way each outcome had a "fair" chance to win.
Then we did some pre-planning
And finally began our tests
For further reading on forces and motion click here or here or here.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

 Five for Friday
 Friday took to get here this week!  Here are some random pics from the week!
1.  I finally got all my Chickadees login information in one place.  Once we get to the lab, they use their card to sign it to whatever we are working on that day.

 2.  We are starting a unit on Forces and Motion.  A great way to teach is through games.  SO as soon as my class earns all the Mousetrap pieces, we get to have game day!
3.  "Clubs" Clubs make everything cooler!  We have a "Work Done Club", and a "Homework Club".   We just added "Series Club".  Read 5 or more books in a series and you add you name to the wall.  "Double Dog Dare Challenge"  If you are a a book with a girl main character and vice versa.
 4.  Seating....all the places my kids choose to work cracks me up.  I wish college could have been that way:-)
 5.  I gave pairs of students a math packet to review multiplication and division.  They each had a colored marker and completed the math packet.  They could work together, but this way I could make sure they worked equally.
Did your week feel as long as mine?
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

 Saturday Saying-Love Reading

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Sayings hosted by Tammy at Forever in First
Something to chew on....
Thinking back on me a child reader, I have no idea which person help create the reader I am today.  My mom and dad read quite a bit, but not as as voraciously as I do. My brother never reads books...ever!  I didn't own a lot of books, just the few that I would read over and over and over...but I did have a library card.  Weekly routines involved trips to the library...sometimes more than one trip per week.  The library was the first place I drove solo to after getting my license. 

I would like to say that my greatest desire is that my chickadees leave my classroom with a love of reading.  This is unrealistic, because some kids just won't.  But, I can let them leave my classroom with an image of what someone who has a love of reading looks like.  And give them an environment that, at the very least, increases their appreciation of what reading can do.
What do you to help kids love reading?

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

 Currently January

Welcome to January 2014!  It is Currently time again!
Loved the movie Saving Mr. Banks....had to go home and watch Mary Poppins.  Now listening to the Broadway musical...also fabulous!
I made snow globes as a Christmas present for my class.  I used beads and baby food jars.  However when I finished I had 4 jars that just wouldn't seal securely.  So I went to the store and bought four jars.  Kind of like someone I know who needed tuna cans.....  I dumped the baby food into ice cube trays and froze it so I could have the empty jar.  Now the frozen cubes of baby food are treats for my puppy.  She loves them and because they are frozen they keep her busy for a bit!
Genius hour is just that-genius!  I can not take credit for it, but am thankful for whoever pinned it!  Jen, from Runde's Room for some getting started ideas!  Genius Hour is also helpful and full of great ideas.  Before break, students brainstormed and narrowed their topics of study.  I can not wait to return and see what happens.
I got a kitchenaid mixer for Christmas and can't wait to put it to use.  My FAVORITE bread recipe uses Chai spice and brewed tea. Such a strange combo, but delicious!!!
Chai Spice Bread Recipe
At church with the junior high group that I help with, we split up into small groups and got through a stack of cards.  It is pretty cool and I thought I would try them out with my class.  During our Circle of Friends, I started Ask, Read, Do cards.  On the calendar, I put each card behind each day of the month.  This month, I may just put them all on a ring and flip them.  Each card has a task.  A question we all answer.  Something we should read or something we should do.  Last month was a trial month and we had lots of fun.  #classroomcommunitybuilding
Memory or Tradition-
Whenever we got a Christmas card in the mail, we would put them up on the back of the front door (I am sure there are now much cuter ways to display Christmas cards)  Anyway after Christmas, we took all the cards off the door and put them in  a basket.  Before dinner, each night, we pulled out the first card and prayed for the person/family that sent the card.  Then put the card at the back and cycled through the basket during the next few months.
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

 Teachers of Instagram

I LOVE instagram.  All kinds of new people to meet.It has made me incredibly aware of how much of a visual learner I am!  Elizabeth at Kickin it in Kindergarten is celebrating a blogiversary with favorite instagram pics.
1.  Images of alternative seating--
Not sure how this trend got started in my room, but it does actually look like it could be comfortable.
Donor's Choose Hoki Stools addition to our classroom.
 2.  Back East trip included a stop to Louisa May Alcott's house....magical!
 3.  This is what happens when you let kids show what they know in their way--Downtown Portland statues graphic novel style!
 4.  (Sorry broke the rules) Loved watching Dodgers win NLCS this year....especially since I have a huge Giants fan in my class this year!  (Also loved that I got to see a Boston game at Fenway the year they won the World Series.)

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