Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And Rollin Rollin Rollin....

We called today backwards day.  ELD students and SMART Readers (enought acronyms yet) leave the room in the afternoon, so our science was moved to the morning to give us lots of time for our marble inquiry.  (This meant Reader's Workshop was in the afternoon....and what a calm afternoon that makes:-) Here are some sample questions:  "Will the small see-through marble go as fast as a steel marble?"  "How many dominoes will a large marble knock over?"  "Which marble will go down an inclined plane the fastest?"  "How will the ramp affect how far the marble will go?"  "What marble will knock over the biggest stack of dominoes?"  Have I said yet how impressed I am with my class, this year!  WOW!
Anyway, we started the day labeling the pages of our inquiry flipbook.  Then each partnership filled out their first three pages and brought it to me to check.  Once it all made sense they were to off to build and test their hypothesis.
record data...
love 3 partnerships crammed in the corner!

some smarty pants even made a table
more testing

Happy Wednesday,