Friday, October 25, 2013

 Todd Parr Loves Reading and So Do We

Blogging has been so difficult lately.  It takes me around two weeks or more to get up a post and my class is lovely!  It is amazing how different 28 kids are from 36....and so far none that need duct-taped personal space.

I thoroughly enjoy the world of Todd Parr.  My roommate teachers kindergarten and has all of his books.  My favorite is Reading Makes You Feel Good.  Each page is colorful and tells why reading is so amazing...for so many different things.
So of course, we needed to do some Todd Parr imitation art and share about our love of reading.  (Because in this room, we LOVE reading.)
"Reading makes me feel happy because the main character takes me places.  And it makes feel calm after I just played outside.  And it does not cost money at the library.  Only if you do not give the book back.  Then you have to spend money." 
"Reading makes me feel brave, sad, happy, pleasant, kind, good, shiny, and smart.  It makes me dig into the book."

"Reading makes me feel like I can do anything.  One thing I feel like I can do with some books is talk to animals.  Another this is fly and go to places that don't exist."

Check out these readers-


Happy Thursday,

Thursday, October 10, 2013

 The Stacks Computer Style

Today we went to the computer lab...(computers is my LEAST favorite part of the week!)  Anyway last year, we wrote and created "The Stacks" poetry.  They were fun to read and such an easy way to create a poem.  Today in the lab we typed them.  We brought our bookbags to the lab and had two poetry options: 
1-Use the titles of books in your bag to create a poem.
2-Pick one page in your book and type 8-10 of the words into a poem.
3-Do both...oh you over-achievers!
Loved how they turned out...and reinforced that poetry comes from anywhere!  They also got to practice typing and experience changing font and size.  Jusy in case you want to see the non-computer version from last year, click here.
Happy Thursday!!!