Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Many Art Mediums in One Long Blog Post

Loving that he used his words to make a bird foot.
Today we finished up an art project that incorporated cutting/gluing construction paper, water color drawings, tempera painting, and poetry. My chickadees were so proud of themselves, they really didn't want me to hang them up at school, they just wanted to take them home.

We started with the Darting Bird quilt block.  Read here for more directions.

The Watercolor Square:
We started out at How To Draw..., looking at step by step directions for how to draw birds and practiced on scrap paper.  Then we looked at books for appropriate colors and details.  We drew a rough draft sketch with pencil.  And then got a piece of water color paper and drew our bird again.  After our pencil sketch, we traced our lines with "thin" sharpies.  And finally began water coloring.  I am so thoroughly amazed with their art.  Water Color paper might be magical, kids who normally speed through all things truly took their time and oh my word was I blown away by their drawings!
Then add a solid water color background.  We also tried to label our bird and use our initials, like John James Audobon, in The Boy Who Drew Birds.  (Unlike him, we did NOT through our work in the fire.)
 The Poetry Square:
Have you seen this book?  We were inspired by this page, "If birds made marks with their tail feathers when they flew, think what the sky would look like."  So we found some feathers in the back of the arts cupboard and dipped them into paint. 

Then we wrote a simple poem:  Birds ________, Birds ___________, Birds ___________ Birds!  (thank you Writing Fix for the poetry idea.) The blanks had to be filled with a verb ending in -ing.  And the poem had to written like a bird carrying words through the air.
Birds flying birds fluttering birds hunting Birds!
The only thing I wish is that I would have left a border in between and around the squares....until next year.
Happy Wednesday,


  1. This is the best post I've seen in a long time! I would vote this as best blog post 2012!! Of course I am an absolute bird nut. I love that bird book as do my students. They will be writing poetry tomorrow using that frame. I just rearranged all my plans!!
    Owl Things First

    1. Thanks! Your comment made my day! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  2. Their drawings are beautiful.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. That is some awesome 2nd grade watercolor painting!

    Tangled with Teaching

  4. These are fantastic. You have totally inspired me. Magical.

    First in Maine