Thursday, May 3, 2012

1 Triangle=1 Square: Darting Bird Quilts

Getting materials ready.
I love quilts, but have no sewing skills whatsoever!  Creating construction paper, 9 patch quilt squares I can do.  I love using quilt squares to teach...they turn out so cute.  Today, we made the Darting Bird Quilt Square Pattern.  Our district used to use Bridges Math and quilts were always part of each unit.  So I dug out the master for a 9 square pattern and adapted it to match the Darting Bird Pattern instead.   We talk about squares and how when your fold diagonally, and cut across the crease line, you get two triangles.

Folding very carefully.
Glue pieces into the right part of the quilt square.
Done!  Darting Bird complete        

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