Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Books Linky Party

Learning With Mrs. Parker is having a linky party.  I love linky parties and I love books.  Here are some of my January faves!  We have to have wishful snow day thinking, so we read a bit of snowy books.

Then we also have Martin Luther King's Birthday.  We read all three of these, but Martin's Big Words is my favorite of them.

Finally I have to read Teammates.  First of all it is the story of Jackie Robinson's first season with the Dodgers.  PeeWee Reese, the shortstop who had the most to loose from Jackie joining the team is the teammate who stands up for Jackie despite the color of his skin.  Such a great story....and I do love me some Dodgers!



  1. Thanks for linking up. Teammates is such a great book. I sure hope the Dodgers get a good owner. I'm for Steve and Orel....Dodgers from my childhood.

    1. I have no idea how I became a Dodger fan, being born and raised in Oregon:-) Thanks for the party!