Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Country Tis of Thee

Quilts are so exquisite.  Quilting is a talent I so wish I had.  I decided to incorporate quilting into our American Symbols Unit.  First we explored the world of quilting.  There are SO many different kinds.  We learned that a square can be cut into two rectangles or two triangles. Then we looked at our pattern for making a Churn-Dash quilt square.  We used to have Bridges as our math curriculum and the paper quilts that came up every so often were fun and this seemed like a great way add quilting to our learning.

First we had to decide what colors we would use for each part of the quilt square and then count out our pieces.
 Then we folded and cut our squares into rectangles or triangles.
 And glued them onto our pattern.
After we made our Churn-Dash squares we used blank white squares to add information and pictures of an American symbol.  I had the class work in groups of 2-3, so when we finished we had 10 different 9-patch quilts.
The Abraham Lincoln quilt
The Bald Eagle Quilt
The Patriotic Quilt
Happy Thursday,