Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just Right Reading Motivation

We seem to to have lost some steam.  Our stamina is still in tact and everyone is on task, during reader's workshop, but the reading excitement buzz is lost somewhere....No worries, I have a plan.

1st: Remind class that our reading monsters are being book deprived!  I printed reading monster food and we are good to go.  (See here for a previous post about them and Love to Abby at The Inspired Apple for her Ready to Read unit!)
Students write the title of a book on a slip of paper and "feed" their monster.
2nd:  Ramp up the "just right" finding help!  The following two books are both about readers who just can't admit they might actually like reading. The first one, Miss Brooks Loves Books! (and I don't) is so funny and you will be able to apply it to at least one student and hopefully see a bit of yourself in Miss Brooks:-)

That Book Woman  is a book inspired by the pack librarians who brought books to the children and families living in the Appalachian mountains.

3rd:  Read-and-Tells-I used to do them all the time, need to bring them back.  For a while, I do the book talks.  I "read and tell" what I have read and share with the class.  Sometimes I will use online book trailer videos.  After a while of me modeling the Read-and-Tell, students begin signing up and doing them on their own.

So I challenged my chickadees to two things:
1) SHOW their grateful attitude towards the amount of books we have in our classroom/school and the easy access we have to amazing books. 
2)  As they read, pretend they are Miss Brooks and see if they can suggest a book they have finished to a friend.

Looking for the return of the reading buzz,

On a separate and unrelated note......Pinterest and I are having separation anxiety due to district internet server is blocking it!  Do they not realize the educational value that comes from all the teacher boards!?


  1. I love this post and your reflections . I am not sure if you've seen this, but this may help your students.


    As for Pinterest, Sribd, I don't have access to them either. Do you know how frustrating that is when you need to print something? I understand.

  2. Wow I LOVE the reading monsters idea! How cute is that?! Glad I stumbled across your blog. I just nominated you for the Versatile award and became your newest follower. :) Hope you can stop by my blog to check it out and pick up your award. :)

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice