Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bloggy Trial and Error and Reading Freebie

So my goal today was to make a blog button and figure out how to leave a link back to my blog with my comments.  Kristen Ladybug's Teacher Files is amazing!  She explains so explicitly how to do things, that while it took me a few tries I managed to successfully (as far as I can tell) create a button and leave a link with my comments.

Then I learned how to upload a document.  For a reading conference sheet, click here. I switch back and forth between reading groups and individual reading conferences.   I use document to as a guide for discussing books with students.  I often use the notes part of the sheet for brief running records.

Hopefully, now that I am "undrafting" this, all of these cool things will successfully work! Also, I have almost made it to 50 followers!  Are you going to be the magic 50?!



  1. I love your blog! I gave you an award! Hop over to check it out!
    2nd Grade Paradise

  2. Thanks for sharing your resource for the blog button and comment-link thing! I have been wondering about that myself. Will have to give it a try! Also, I have been finding many new blogs to follow from your lists - thanks for helping me grow my PLN!

  3. Your welcome! Glad to pass along good info.