Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School and Snow

We had school today.  Many schools around us got a late start, or the day off, but we went to school...on time.  In celebration of the snow we had to make snow globes.  Another idea floating around on Pinterest (although I think it originated with Mrs. Jump's Class) and I wasn't planning on doing it, because we are working on so many other things, but the snow just couldn't be ignored.

First we went on a shape to find the perfect snow globe circle. 
Then we drew a snowy scene with what we would be doing stuck inside the snow globe.  We made sure to use LOTS of white.
 After we finished our picture, we "painted" a mixture of epsom salt and water onto our snow globe. 
When the picture dried, looking like a frozen icicle, we were ready to place it on the snow globe stand.
The water resists the crayon and the salt sticks to paper, making it look frozen.

Finally we put all our pieces together and just need to do our writing.

Wearing my pj's inside out, putting a spoon under my pillow and thinking good thoughts for a snow day tomorrow!



  1. I'm hoping for an early morning phone call too!
    Forever in First

  2. These look great-good for you for embracing the snow instead of trying to ignore it! :)

    1. We even kept the mini-blinds open! I like your pic:-)

  3. Those are too cute! I just came across your blog (squeezing a few min before school starts to stalk hehe). I'm your newest follower. Come check me out! Have a good day!

    1. Thanks for following! I am following you too!