Monday, January 23, 2012

I Heart Build a Bear

Confession:  I LOVE Build-a-Bear!  It is a store where you create an animal.  We have one in the mall.  You pick an animal, add the stuffing and a heart, then they sew it up and you have a new animal.  You can also pick all the accessories your heart (and animal) desire!  Thank goodness I have a class full of students otherwise collecting these things, must just be silly!  So imagine how excited I was to find out a dragon was the newest edition...A Dragon....just in time for Chinese New Year!

Our collection of friends Brett the Baseball, Tate the Turtle, Reese (named after a famous Dodger player) Johnny Apple-cow (who only stays with us during the apple planting off season) Penny the Penguin, Paige the Panda, and Lacey the Lamb. 

And our newest addition.....a New Year's Dragon, yet to be named something alliterative.

Our friends do amazing things in our classroom.  Since they are so short, they are the perfect students to sit on the risers in front of the projector.  That way we don't forget and accidentally block the screen.  They LOVE to be read to, but only with one person at a time, so Read to Self is our only choice, if we want to read to one of our friends.  Our room is just a happier place with so many lovable friends!
Everyone loves Read to Self!

Happy Monday, 


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dragon!!!!! He is adorable!
    I love stuffed animals. Our class bear is a Build a Bear. Now I need more!!!!!!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher