Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Groundhog's Day, Super Bowl, Symbols and Some Double Digit Math

We accomplished quite a bit today!  First we predicted whether or not the Groundhog would be discovering his shadow tomorrow morning.  I made a chart for students to collect their information.  Then students simply colored a groundhog and added it to the chart.  Love the cute groundhogs from Sharing Kindergarten has a really cute Groundhog's Day Unit....and it's FREE! 
Then we predicted who we thought would be winning the Super Bowl.  Because Patriotic is one of our American Symbol words, my class replaced Patriots with Patriotics:-).   BTW both teams are patriotic due to their red, white, and blue coloring.

So far the Giants are expected to win, with three more votes than the Patriots.

Our math unit is currently working with adding double digit numbers.  First of all, I won a set of super cute posters from, Emily@ Second Grade Silliness.  We refer to them everyday!  Today, we went on a double digit math problem scavenger hunt.  Tape 10 problems around the room and students have to find the problem, copy the problem, and solve the simple, but so engaging!  Thank you Amy@ Step into Second Grade for the great unit!  (She also has a  President's Unit that is adorable and FREE!)

Finally today, we played American Symbol memory.  I printed and laminated cards from OopseyDaisy's blog and we had a fun time making symbol matches.  We also played a different version where one partner had to give clues for the symbol they were thinking about and the other partner had to guess which one it was.

Happy Wednesday,


  1. Glad you were able to use the freebie! It is such a great feeling to share! Best wishes!

  2. It's amazing how much difference just moving around the room can make with engagement!

    Forever in First

  3. I LOVE the idea of hiding math problems in the room. Such a great concept for my kids who need to get up and move. Thanks for sharing :)