Sunday, February 26, 2012

Story Sunday and Pinning Permission

Some reading plans for the upcoming week.  We are beginning a science inquiry based exploration and need to start with learning the Scientific Process.  There are, surprisingly some books for that.
Investigating the Scientific Method with Max Axiom by Donald Lemke  It is a graphic novel that explains each part of the scientific method.

Mrs. Riley Bought Five Itchy Aardvarks and Other Painless Tricks for Memorizing Science Facts by Brian P. Cleary.  The whole book is full of helpful memory advice.  Towards the end is a section devoted to the Scientific Method.

And just for fun A Ball For Daisy by Chris Raschka.  Super cute, wordless book about a day playing ball with your dog.  Might be a good way for some of my kiddos who still struggle with the personal narrative concept.  They can focus on the story, without being weighed down by lots of words.

And finally please pin as free and as often as you like!
Click Laura Candler has more helpful information about pinning and a linky party with others who have would love you pinning from their blogs as well!

Happy Sunday,