Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oh Open House

Open House...or the "Dog and Pony" show as my friend likes to call it is this Thursday.  I do enjoy Open House.  I do not enjoy it this late into September.  Having it earlier, I don't feel like as much work needs to be up...the room is still in good shape...I don't know Chickadees well enough to answer very many academic/social type questions.  The last week of September...we have gotten quite a bit more accomplished.  I know the students a bit better and parents have lots of questions.  But none the less, it is coming and blogging is good time management right now:-) 
Last year's welcome sign!
And some of us need Brain Breaks, while others of us need naps.  This kiddo breaks my heart....if he isn't late, he comes to school exhausted.  He fell asleep doing his morning activity.  He was completely out...the rest of the class is singing/dancing to one one of our brain break songs!  And yet...I know exactly how he feels and wish I could go back to sleep after arriving at school so horribly early!  Then he woke up and finished his work as if he had never fallen asleep:-)
Happy Tuesday,


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