Thursday, September 13, 2012

W is for Questions

So there's this may have heard of her...she is Teeny Tiny....and a while ago she posted about how she used Hedbanz to help her students work on questioning.  (She also posted about a lot of other things that just crack me up.)  The idea stuck in my mind for a while and this morning returned at just the right time.  (I had asked a student who I knew had the game if we could borrow it, when I first read the post, knowing it would come in handy sometime in the near future.)

We are beginning our work with our Reading Response Journals.  I like them neat and so we did our first journal entry all together.  Mine is on the big easel...I had to draw some spiral to match their books. 

During Daily 5, this is part of work on writing.  A list of ways they can respond to text glued into the front of their journal.
Then we got to the part where we tell about the story.  (TAS)  Who the story is about...what is happening...where the story is happening....why are things happening...when the story is happening  Nothing was happening for us.  So lightbulb moment....lets practice W questions with Hedbanz.
Oh we were so into this!  At the beginning we were doing really well with the question part...but not the who/what/when/where/why.  So I added a score keeper and you would get bonus points if you asked questions that started with W.  OMW-GameChanger!  We now know all the W questions!
So to the creators of Hedbanz....thank you!  And Kristin....another thank you!


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