Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Math About Me

I started thinking about this math idea in August.  Most of us finished it up today and I have been entertained reading their final products.
First we learned about folding vertically and horizontally.
Then we used the lines from the creases to make eight boxes.
Next we chose eight of the numbers we liked from our brainstorm/practice page and put them in each box.
We colored the background of the boxes.
Today we worked on the information page.  We had to make sure the box with the number matched the box with the information about why that number was an important piece of our lives.  The first one is mine...always have an example of what you expect...bonus points to anyone who can figure out why I picked 42:-)
And a student example
And finally do any of you have a brilliant way to keep desks together and where they belong...that doesn't involve duct taping the carpet?
Happy Tuesday,


  1. Adorable!! My co teacher was just talking to me about something similar. I love how you adapted it!!

  2. 42, is it a favorite sports player?

    Have you tried zip tying the legs of the tables together?

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  3. What a wonderful math/writing/get to know you activity!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Thanks for sharing your ideas- AND I agree with the ZIP TIES! They work and are easy to remove.

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  6. I like that math idea -- makes it more meaningful for the kids.

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  7. I have the same problem with desks. Thanks for asking that question and the ideas on how to solve it. We did a Me By The Numbers activity at the beginning of last year. But, we used Glogster. I like your idea! Great for when my computers are not cooperative :)

    One Class, One Sound