Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let the Reading Begin....Read to Self

We started Read to Self Today....
An anchor chart to start, of course-
Then we practiced.

These kids know read to self!  They learned it in first grade, reviewed and practiced through second and now some are on their third year.  Amazing!  We made it to 20 minutes easily.  The only major problem is finding space for everyone.  I am thinking big pillows in the hall and we can call it the overflow reading room.

And then we danced....Wednesdays are my day with a really looooong morning.  Our special is at the very end of the day and lunch is at 12:15.  So we are all together from 7:35-12:15 with a short recess at 10:00.  Movement breaks are necessary and this group is a singing/dancing troupe.  Our current favorite is "I'm Elmo and I Know It."  An Elmo parody...and they don't even mind that it is Elmo.
And lastly I had to show my kiddos the amazing Mr. Sharp.  Everything about this video is how I feel about reading!  My kids loved it!  Today was our library, and one of my Chickadees walked in and said, "I Love Reading" and did the arms just like Mr. Sharp.  Cracked me up!
Happy Wednesday,


  1. I love reading too! That's a great video. By the way, I'm so glad that all the Read to Self training I do in first comes in very handy for future grades. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Ahhh that Mr. Sharp ;0)I love that you took brain breaks to dance. That is awesomeness. I can imagine that space can be a huge issue. Keep up the hard work