Friday, September 14, 2012

Funny Friday

Start your Friday with laughting.  Saw them last night and am still laughing!
You think you've soaked in all of the awkwardness...and then you realize she has a goat on her lap.
laptop privacy sweater
Happy Friday,


  1. HAHAA!! Both of those things made my laugh so much! The laptop privacy cover looks like the "thneed" from The Lorax. and what on earth could she be doing on that laptop that needs that extreme privacy?!?!?!?! thanks for making me laugh :)

    Let's Teach Something

  2. These are hilarious! I would feel so claustrophobic with that sweater on. Thanks for the Friday Funny!!
    Owl Things First!

  3. My daughter needs that sweater...
    Thanks for the fun on a Friday!

  4. I've seen the VERY awkward goat lady and significant other before - but it never gets old
    The privacy sweater is new. OMG - hilarious!
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤