Sunday, September 9, 2012

Books and Reality TV

I loved reading Donalyn Miller's, The Book Whisperer.  Did you know she blogs as well?  

Her most recent post was fascinating.  Check it out...  I am not a huge fan of reality tv (although thanks to a Teeny Tiny Teacher I have gotten sucked into to watching the Bachelor/ette on when it's on.)  Reality shows that follow random people/families I especially don't watch.  But applying the Kardashians to how we portray our reading lives to our kids.  My hope is that my kids know me as a reader, more than anything else and that I sincerely wish the same for each of them.  And then I found this hilarious pin...
Cracks me up every time I see it...and yes I realize the Kardashians and Jersey Shore are different title shows.

Happy Sunday,


  1. I really must get that book! I am so glad we don't have a television! My children don't seem to miss it and if it were here, I'd get sucked into it every night. I'd much rather get sucked into a good book!