Monday, September 3, 2012

2012-2013 Classroom Schedules

Charity is having a Schedule Linky Party and since I just finished our classroom's weekly schedule and thought I would join in.

The first schedule is for the whole week...whole class.  The second one is ELD, SPED, Speech, and Title 1.  I will have to add SMART later when I find out times for that.

Time to put in movies and work on what I for first day! So far I have watched The Holiday and Fever Pitch.  I have seen these movies repeatedly and love the background noise while working on school stuff.  27 Dresses is next and then maybe Return to Me:-)
Happy Monday,

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  1. Wow! I'm lookiing at your schedule and it is SO different than mine. Yours looks like way more fun! We have to have 30 minutes of school-wide intervention, 90 minutes of math, 120 of reading/language arts, and 90 minutes of science. It's absolutely maddening! There are literally not enough minutes in the day to fill all requirements if you want to eat lunch and have a 15 minute recess. Social studies isn't even on the schedule (just integrate it). I'm so jealous of all your flexibility. Enjoy every moment of it!

    The Teaching Thief