Friday, June 1, 2012

Basketball Library Beat

Sorry about the blurriness....
Oh what a long chickadees are still wonderful, but the week was busy and draagggged on forever!  And then thinking back, I don't even remember what all we did!  Last night was the staff vs. 5th grade basketball game.  This year's team names....Staff Infection vs. Penicillion:-)  It is a 5th grade tradition and technology fundraiser.  The kids talked a lot of smack, but in the end it was the year of the teachers:-)  During the game we have a 50/50 Raffle and sell concessions.  My favorite is the foul calls.  For $5.00 students can give the teacher of their choice a foul and they have to return to the bench.  I think the more fouls...the more you are loved. 

And then today's event.....walking field trip to a branch of our local library relocated about a mile from our school, we got there and learned all about the library.  We also got to play in the park and get our very own library cards.

Off we go....
 All the 2nd graders have arrived!  SO thankful for the cooperating weather.
We played on the cool play structures.

 Then we found a quiet spot, looked back on our year, and did some reading reflecting.

Our reading reflection page....for your very own "add cute clipart" freebie click here.
And finally, our turn to tour the new library arrived.
 Lunch time!
 More playing!
 Walking home back to school.
Loving this picture.  They randomly started holding hands, raising them, and shouting hurray!
Super humid today....let's use a shirt to cover our head.
 Exhausted....this is not me laying on the floor....but it easily could have been.
Happy Friday,

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  1. Whew! You were busy! I am sure you had fun! Thank you for the reflection pages!

    Literacy Minute