Thursday, March 15, 2012

Readers Ask Questions

We started working on questioning during reading.  We read I Want My Hat Back...a hilarious book about a bear looking for a his hat.  We made questions before, during, and after reading.  Then went back and decided about whether or not we had found the answers to our questions. For such a simple text, repetitive text we got a lot of interesting questions. 

Next week is another four day week....and then Spring Break!!!  We will be doing a mini-Wizard of Oz unit, from Abby@The Inspired Apple.  We continued with questions about the book....which was hard because many of them said they already knew everything about it...because of course, the movie is always just like the book! 

And the marbles and tubes have finally gone home.  This afternoon, everyone who had their work done got to have freestyle time with the tubes and marbles.  It was so fun.   "Epic fail", "Yessssss", could be heard around the room.  Overheard another kid say, "hasn't this been the best day, yet?"  But I am 50 kinds of glad all the craziness is moving out!

This ramp starts at the back of the lamp...over the cubbies....

down to the ground....and loops through rolled up paper
Of course they wanted to take tubes home....
Goodbye Tubes!
Happy Thursday,


  1. Love questioning! Always interesting to hear what they come up with that they have questions about.
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  3. Love the tubes in the backpacks. They would have driven me crazy!!

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  4. I came to see you, too! Great blog!!!

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