Monday, March 19, 2012

If I Had Ruby Slippers/Sneakers.....

 We started our mini-Wizard of Oz unit, from Abby@The Inspired Apple.  It is so fun, and I am always amazed by the amount of students who have never seen such a classic movie!I learned that many of them are not fans of musicals, unfortunately they have to endure my love of them:-)

This was the scene when we came into our classroom this morning.  Our animal friends were in shock from the scene!  (Hopefully none of them had anything to do with it.)

After we finished the movie, groups shared popcorn and discussed favorite parts, characters, scary parts, settings, etc.

Then we made ruby slippers or sneakers and thought of what we would do if we had our own pair.  We cut out a pattern for our shoes and used it to trace onto a red piece of paper.  (Practicing tracing and cutting is hard work for some of us, but go to practice.)
Finally we put all the pieces together and added red glitter.
Love the Nike Swoosh:-)  Also the long list of American Symbols his shoes would take him to see.
"I would tap my shoes three times so I wouls shrink.  I will go live in my Lego houses." 
Happy Monday....3 more to go!


  1. I never liked the flying monkeys! :)

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Oh my goodness. Those shoes are adorable!
    Grade ONEderful