Friday, March 2, 2012

And the Science Never Ends...

We did our last experiment today.  Super similar to yesterday except that we looked at the diameter of the straw instead of length.  The goal is to get us really familiar with the Scientific Method, before we move into our marble inquiry unit.
Hypothesize and Plan:
 Cooperatively choose who will start:
Rock, Paper, Scissors is always a fair way to decide...
Here the three different straw diameters we used:
 More Measuring:
Here is a the data collection form we used.

Next week we are celebrating Dr. Seuss Week.  (We chose not to do it this week because of Leap Day excitement AND the 100th Day of School)  We have a door decoration activity and my class really wanted to do The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  (One of the the best read alouds ever...If you have not read it, quit reading this blog, find a copy, and start!)   However we hadn't finished the book yet, so we marathon-ed our way through and finished it today.  I have never seen a group so into a chapter read-aloud.  I think we read 3/4 of the book this week and my kids begged not to stop!  Now that we have finished the book, we can start planning the door.  Then I found this somewhere on the web and thought I would share.
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  1. I love science - my hubby is a middle school science teacher and he loves hearing that elementary teachers are teaching it. He claims a lot don''s always a crowd pleaser!!

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  2. I love that book!! Haven't read it aloud for awhile. Thanks for reminding me about it.

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    The Best Endings

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