Thursday, February 16, 2012

What President's Are Made Of

Today we read What President's Are Made Of.  It is a great book about different presidents, but all the pictures are done in collage form with items that correspond with the president.  After we finished reading, each group was given a list of presidents, a fact about them, and a blank page.

They cut the president names out and the facts and the goal was to match them up.

We decided to create some motivation so the group with the most correct after 20 minutes got a prize.....they got to walk ahead of the line to music.  My kids do not like lines, so getting to go ahead makes them happy.  A huge shout out to Pitner's Potpourri for the fabulous freebie we used!  Students could take turns looking at the book to check their answer, or find an answer, but they only had a minute so that the next person could look and no one was a book hog!

Happy Thursday!  I'm off to see Beauty and the Beast, the musical.


  1. Have fun! My friend is going to that tomorrow night :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. I have never seen that President book! I want to find it!!!

    Apples and ABC's