Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pencils Poem

I can not figure out where all the pencils are disappearing to!  So today I went on a search.....and it inspired a poem:

Pencils in cubbies
Pencils in drawers
Pencils go in baskets
Not on the floors

Brilliant isn't it?....Bet you didn't know I was a secret poet.  In an attempt to solve this problem....I have given each group 8 pencils, labeled with their group name.
At the end of the day, groups will get points for the amount of pencils still in their basket.  Points are a very motivating thing people:-)  Anyone else have pencil issues?

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Shockingly, this is the 1st year EVER I've not had a pencil problem! I bought caddies for each group and on Monday I put in 4-5 sharpened pencils. I have a little girl in my classroom who arrives on time, unpacks her bag and is seated before anyone else...so her job is gather the pencils and then I sharpen them. If there is a short one, I put a new one out. I also bought a ton of Write Bros and Ticonderoga during back to school sales, so they rarely break. I think I've sharpened about 10 pencils during the school day this year. I can't believe this is working! How did that happen??

    1. You should go knock on wood! I have never had them disappear....I can't even try to sharpen them since they aren't around.

  2. Last year my kids were breaking pencils on purpose to keep the lead. They were keeping the pieces in their pencil boxes and had a competition to see who had the most. They even had a special name for them - specks! Almost everyone in the class had them! I'm still haunted by specks!

    1. That is awful and sounds like it could be a really funny children's book.

      Chickadee Jubilee

  3. "Keep two pencils in your cave that is where they will behave!" My Owlets keep two pencils at all times in their pencil "cave"! Sometimes the Cave Fairy leaves a piece of candy in there if she finds two pencils...I love fairies!!
    It won't be long until I have a Fairy Door for you!!