Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Seating Puzzle

Today was change group day.  I don't assign students seats, just groups.  Later in the year (depending on the class) I get rid of assigned seats all together.  Usually I just put sticky notes or a paper with all the group member names on it.  This time I came across a fun idea over at The Curriculum Corner and thought I would try it out.  So I wrote everyone's name on a 12x18 piece of paper.  Then I cut them out so each Chickadee had a section with their name on it.
Next, I gave each student their name and sent them off to find the other 6 new friends they would be sitting with.
Once they found all seven group members they started coloring their piece.
I was originally hesitant to try this....some of my kids just do all the work and the room just gets a little crazy.  But not today.  It was amazing they were all looking and helping each other out.  And I wish I could have recorded the cheering when they figured out how to get all the pieces together.
So fun.  I think I will have to do it again next month:-)
Happy Tuesday,


  1. I love seeing your student's work!
    You've been Boo-ed!

  2. That is such a cool idea, Laurie! I'm totally copying this;)

    Grade ONEderful
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  3. What a creative idea! Totally pinned this :)

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