Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday

The amazing Cara Carroll is throwing a party and I wanted to join.  You can too, by giving a shout out to a previous blog post. 

Original post occurred May 4, 2012...I loved seeing everyone else's word walls.

What to do with word walls!?  A challenge mission has been issued...should you choose to accept it.  I have done many different word walls, currently on version 5.0.  The current word wall is made up of vocabulary words and words we have used for different units of study.  Students have a personal "no excuse" word dictionary that the keep with their writing resources.  The same "no excuse" words are on big posters as well. 

I am noticing the missing title...
On Monday, we introduce the new words and put them on our target wall.  We define them, draw them, use them in a sentence, and find them in our reading.  If we find it in text we are reading, we put a tiny sticky note on the word.  On Friday, the "artists" (a class job) choose six people to illustrate each word and then we add it to the word wall.  
note the "favorite" illustration...they know me so well!

What do you do with your word wall?  Link up and share all about it...@The Teacher's Cauldron

And we finished, "how to" speeches today.  One of my favorites:  "How to Use an Epi Pen."  I have a chickadee with severe nut we can all help in case of an emergency!
We all got to try with the practice epi pen!
Happy Friday,

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  1. I have been rethinking my word wall...I do every summer! I used it more this last year than the year before, but I want to be more intentional. I loved this post the first time and I love it this time too! Thanks for the food for thought!