Friday, June 7, 2013

8th Annual Chickadee Awards

Today was our Chickadee Awards Banquet.  This is the 8th year I have done these awards. Getting ready for the day is so stressful for me, but the actual ceremony is pretty smooth....and ran by kids!  We make invitations out of nice scrapbook materials and put them in envelopes...with separate response cards...just like a real formal event.  Today, out of 36 students....32 had at least one adult represented!  Yay parents! I should have taken a picture....I think there were at least 90 people in our room!!!!
First we make a list of awards.  I type the list, leave a blank, and put a class list at the bottom.  Then I copy one for each student and they put a friend's name next to each award.  Then I tally them all up and assign each award to a student.
For Chickadee Award Day, I print certificates with each students name and the award. 
Then they get a secret envelope with what award they will be receiving...this goes home and they are to prepare an acceptance speech for the big day.  

So...when the day gets closer, we arrange committees.  (Kids to all the hosting/talking/etc during ceremony...have a I mentioned I avoid talking in large groups whenever possible!!!)
Greeters-Make programs, meet people at door and hand out programs
Introducers-Welcomes everyone to the class and remind to turn off cell phones
Announcers-Pull award certificates out of envelope and announce who is receiving each award
Volunteer Team-Announces and passes out our volunteer gifts
Slideshow Team-Announces slideshow and where to look
Lighting team-Lights on/off, moves projector to proper place, and pulls down screen
Decorating Team-does all the design/decorating for the day (completely kid done:-)
Dismissal Team-lets everyone know we are done...and this year explained the Photo Booth
Dress Rehearsal.....they are SO fabulously dressed....I had a suit, ties, button up shirts, dresses!  SO fancy!
The speeches are so great...some kids walk up, say thank you, and sit back down.  While others prepare and fabulous speech thanking friends or parents.  One student today, quoted Walt Whitman and another recited part of "The Shot Heard Round the World." (Mostly because it is about Giants winning pennant...and I am a huge DODGER fan!)  Sometimes I cry more over some of their words than the stinking slideshow! 

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And now...three.more.days!
Happy Friday


  1. That seems WAY more involved than our awards ceremony and it about drives me over the edge! I am impressed with the kiddos doing it all:) Fabulous.


  2. This is seriously AMAZING! Your students are lucky to have such a dedicated, creative teacher! So cool :)

  3. I love this! You do such good work. Your students will never forget it.

    First in Maine

  4. Very impressive! I love all the little touches you've added to make it extra special for your kids and families.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  5. Great job Laurie! I am sure they will remember you!
    Sandi atLiteracy Minute

  6. Oh, wow - what a great end of the year celebration! I bet the kids enjoy it immensely!