Thursday, January 10, 2013

Made it Monday Doorstops

Posting two days in a row....I can't even believe it.  And it is crafty, so I can link up with Monday Made it!
My classroom door doesn't stay open without a door stop.  Currently, I have a hideous wooden thing pretending to be a doorstop.  So I decided I needed a new doorstop.  I started with a tutorial I found online.  On a side note, one of my charming students likes to hide it whenever he gets mad at me, or someone in the class.
Then I went to the fabric store and found the kind you use for picnic table cloths.  Our floors get SUPER dirty and I wanted to easily wipe off dust/dirt.  I followed most of the directions, but instead of filling with sand (I am not confident enough in my sewing skills to use sand and believe it wouldn't end up everywhere:-)  So the bottom is triangle like.  Then I filled the bag with decorative rocks.  You could find them outside or at the dollar tree, which is where I found them.  I zig-zagged stitched a complimentary strip across the top
Then I attached a bow onto a button and hot glued the buttons onto the front of the bag.
I made one for each of my grade level team.  Hopefully they love them as much as I do!
Happy Monday,


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