Friday, August 24, 2012

Teacher Week-Freebie

Teacher Blogger Week--Day 5
Today's freebie is inspired from three different blog posts.  They have fabulous ways for students to learn about each other using numbers.  Check them out.....
4th Grade Frolics
Lifelong Learning
Mr. Auerfeld's Class

Using numbers to share about each other is so different and a great activity for a beginning of the year math activity.  I think this will be used as a rough draft for a more final project.  Obviously, I have not tested this out....because I am still waiting for school to start:-)  

Click the pic for the freebie.

And if you are interested in some quotes that have been floating around pinterest, click on these images.  I posted the sink ones are next to the mirror.  

and the "think" one by the door.
Tomorrow will be my last day of sleeping in:-(
Happy Friday,