Sunday, July 15, 2012

Best Math Book

Donna @ Math Coach's Corner is having a party about math books.  Reading is my better subject, so I am super excited about all the math book suggestions.   My favorite math book is Math and Literature by Marilyn Burns.  There is a K-1 book and a 2-3.  There is an intermediate grade book as well, and I think it covers 4-6.

Each chapter is based on a children's book and then guides discussion/activities around it.  The book reads like you are reading a transcript of the classroom while they are participating in the math lesson.
I have three favorites:
1.  Caps for Sale:  Students figure out the total amount of hats sold as well as how much the peddler would have if he sold all his hats.
2.  Inch by Inch:  Students use a unifix cube (a one inch square) to find perimeter of objects around the room.
3.  Rooster's Off to See the World:  Students uses a growing pattern to figure out how many friends end up on Rooster's journey.

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  1. I hadn't hear of this book. Thanks for the recommendation.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First