Monday, January 14, 2013

It's The Little Things

Randi over at Teach it With Class is having her first linky party.  A celebration of those things that kids do to warm your heart!  Student made cards and posters are my favorite.  I save them all...until the end of the year.  However some are so precious I couldn't toss them. 

Here is my collection of lovelies.
Former first she is in 8th grade.
Dear Miss Foote, No matter where you go, no matter whose class I am in, I will always love you!
A 2nd grader drew this one...not kidding a 2nd grader!  Granted getting her to do anything besides art was a challenge...but she is paying attention.  See the "anchor chart" that the whole class is attending is the "seed stories" watermelon!  Also love the ribbon in my hair...I very frequently have ribbons to match whatever outfit I am wearing.  Now she is a 7th grader.
Oh she knows me so well...a picture of all the things I love....Dodgers, musicals, books, a flute, music.  She is now a 5th grader and her brother is in my class as a 3rd grader.
One of the 5th grade teachers has his class write a letter to one of their previous elementary school teachers.  Those letters are also one of my favorite things! 
What little things does your class do that bring a smile to your face?  We all want to know, because they make us smile too! 

Happy Monday,


  1. I love the drawings as well! My favorite recently though was a Christmas gift. One of my students gave me a pair of gloves. It was so kind because she had noticed that I had holes in my gloves and decided to replace them for me. I was so touched that she had noticed that!

    Teaching Ace Blog

  2. Super cute and precious. We linked up too. This is such a humbling linky.

  3. Your pictures are precious! I knew there would be other teachers that have treasures they would want to share. Thank you for linking up!


  4. I love your pictures! What a fun linky! The first thing that comes to my mind is one of my owlets always says, "play ball" after we sing the National Anthem. It cracks me up every time!!