Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fraction Fabulousness

I found out I won a unit all about fractions...I love winning giveaways and never fully believe I will win, but today I did I did!  Tonya over @ Tonya's Treats for Teachers just finished an amazing product!  I just finished going through the unit and can. not. wait. to use it with my class.  124 pages of awesomeness!  You need this if you have any intention of teaching fractions.  Pretty sure by the end my kids will love fractions instead of fearing them by the end of this unit...and maybe me too!  Here is a link to the item on tpt...Campside Fireside Fractions

Disclaimer...I was not paid/ promote this I am just super excited to get started on it:-)  And even if you are not in the market for fraction fabulousness....Tonya's blog is full of inspiration and she would love your visit!
Happy Wednesday,

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