Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Supply Drop Off

I got to meet some of my kiddos today.  We invited 1-3 to stop by and say hi, as well as drop off supplies, if they had them.  So fun to meet my new ones and so fun seeing my returning Chickadees as they loop from 2nd to 3rd!

For those who brought supplies, each bin was labeled for them to sort their things.
Everything else went on their desk, for later labeling.
For those who were bringing money instead of supplies, they filled out a form and put everything in zip-loc bag.
The afternoon was spent in trainings on Common Core.  Very informative stuff:-)  Now if I just had the motivation to go through it!  Even better was it combined all the elementary schools that feed into the local high school.  So I got to see a bunch of teacher friends, that I hadn't seen in a long while...and they told me they read this little old blog....!  How fun is that!

Now wait time for SYTYCD to start!

Happy Wednesday,


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