Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunnyside Spotlight

So instead of being productive in my own classroom, I wandered around my building!  Here are some highlights....besides chatting with my co-teachers.

One teacher moved from a classroom with tons of windows to a room with a little window in the door.  Problem solver that she is, she made her own "windows".  These pictures don't even do justice to the cuteness that is in her room.  After framing some cloud print with a frame and adding curtains maybe the natural light won't be as missed. 

A handmade rocket ship inviting in a new class of 2nd/3rd graders.
Bee themed room celebrating new words!
 Celebrating students throughout the year.  The stars say, "Star of the Week."
Listening center with The Lorax tablecloth.
Lunch menu board and other important Owl information!
 Take a clip and go to the dropping the pass on the nasty floor or other gross places.
Reading Group Organization--The pieces are all attached with paper clips, so things stay where they are supposed to.  I once tried this with velcro and every time I took something off, I would have to restaple!
Going to have to make this for my room.  Rounding up or down reminders.
Found very interesting things in this fifth grade class!  And I got two new book suggestions, Flipped and. 
A chart for keeping track of words for writing.  One paper says, "happy."  Students will brainstorm better words for happy and add them to the chart as a reference for the year.
Love this quote every time I visit the fifth grade classroom.  "The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work."
A heart inspired word wall.
Hand painted pictures of famous book characters in the first grade room across the hall.   Her sister painted them for her. 
And the tour has come full circle.  Even without the nameplate, you might have an idea of whose room this might be? :-
Happy Thursday,


  1. Love how the teacher made her own window! Very creative! I am in a windowless room too and I miss the windows so much.
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Wow! What great ideas!!! Love, love the windows..especially the curtains. Lattes and Laughter

  3. That window is VERY creative. Good stuff. I like how you went around and took pics of other's great work.

  4. Love the quote about success and work, and the hall pass idea is great.