Monday, August 6, 2012

More Monday Made It...With a Freebie

Super all can do this!  You only need paper, scissors, and glue.  Every year, I find a quote and simply scrapbook around it.  At my school 1st-3rd grades are all in the same hall.  So I make an inspirational note for each of the teachers in the hall. 
Find a fitting quote.
I wrote each teacher's name in the pennant.
 Final product....sorry about the pics....I have yet to locate my real camera.
If you would like to use the quote, I uploaded it to google docs.  Click here to get your copy.
On another note, I am in love with Olympic volleyball.  I don't really care whether it is indoor or beach.  I would really like to be any one of them....well maybe Misty May the most, since she has a huge "in" with the LA Dodgers:-)  Loving that she gives a Dodger shout out at the end of each win!

Happy Monday,


  1. Found your blog through Manic Monday and am a new follower.

    Math is Elementary

  2. This is so awesome! I am going to make these for my staff. We are struggling through the tragic loss of a student/friend, so these will be a great gift. Thank you for sharing!
    Owl Things First

  3. Volleyball has been my favorite sport to watch this Olympics too! I love when they catch a ball before it hits the floor by throwin' out the "pancake!"

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  4. I am loving beach volleyball too! Great teamwork by those 2 women! Your pennant and quote are cute-you are so creative!!