Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Done and Not Done

Here is what I didn't do in my classroom today.  Oh the library....the giant project I don't look forward to, but love how productive I feel when it is is done.
I put all the books in plastic bags so I can keep the books dust free and wash out all the bins.  And scrub the shelves.
Here is the pile of picture books...
And here are all the chapter books....

When the weather cools down, maybe I can get some book organization motivation.

What I did do today.  Sometime this summer Clutter-Free Classroom did a post about places for anchor charts and I loved it.  
So I put up paper for the background.  And I added some of the border to the clothespins and a push pin to the back.
And done.  I am going to use one side for math charts and the other for everything else.  I love it! 
Happy Wednesday,


  1. Cute! I'm also doing my anchor charts like this, too!

    The Science Penguin

  2. Love that clothespin idea! Your title is exactly how I feel about my room-basics done but now all the little tasks that take longer to sort through.


  3. The clothespin idea is such a help to me...THANKYOU! I have a wall that I can pin things into, but no bulletin boards. This will help with my anchor charts so much!!
    Owl Things First