Sunday, July 8, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 4

Daily 5 Chapter 4 is all about Read to Self.  Such an important part of the Daily 5.  I am SO fortunate to have first grade teachers that use Daily 5.  When kids return in September they have a lot of Daily 5 experience to build on.

3 Ways to Read a Book:
This part I kind of skim over.  I really want students to read the pictures, but sometimes when I talk about it, all they do is read the picture and then forget to add the words back in, for more understanding.

Read to Self:
I do not place students individually around the room.  We spend more time making anchor chart...."Choosing Appropriate Reading Spots".  We act out appropriate and inappropriate reading place choices.  As well as what may happen if students can't make appropriate places.
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And on a random note is anyone else ObSEsSeD with this guy

and this show!

I have them all dvr'd for multiple rewatchings during summer break.  So So So So So So Funny!


  1. I can't agree more on Zooey's show! I'm obsessed, and I truly hope she and Nick get together and fall in mutual love fighting with each other! :o)
    For read to self with my second graders, we use "read the pictures" like taking a picture walk. This way, they skim the pictures to make their predictions first, and THEN read the story to be able to retell it. I love the Daily 5!

  2. That must be great to have so many colleagues on board with Daily 5. I think I have one trying it this year. At least she is reading the book. that's exciting to me!

    And I do the same thing for "read the pictures" as Miss Ducko above. In fact, one of my kids said, "Hey, isn't this the same as a picture run?" :) (He's always on overdrive!)


  3. Love the read to self ball spot!