Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Birthday

BEFORE:  This idea originally came to me from my mentor teacher while student teaching.  One birthday bag for each month and then she used a pin to attach a birthday star in the eraser.   So I did the same thing and kids love getting to have their pencil on their birthday.  What I don't like is them trying to sharpen it...that filmy paper decorating the pencil is not friends with electric pencil sharpeners. 
AFTER--This year, I trying out crazy straws.  They came in packs of six for a dollar.  I used the same star and taped it to the straw.  I made some "flipped" calendar months for each of the bags, added some tissue paper and the finished straw.
Add some self adhesive magnet to the back.
BEFORE--They used to hang between windows, on a metal electrical strip, but my students last year kept bumping them, and they would fall down.
AFTER--I put them on the top of the whiteboard.  Now all I need is to know birthdays of my new group of chickadees
On the chickadee's birthday, we sing this song:
It cracks them up! Then I take their straw out for them to keep.  Maybe this year, I will need to get them a juice box, so they can try it out:-)   My birthday was in the summer, so I never got to celebrate it at school or it would be combined with everyone else who had a summer birthday.  I always hated that.  So my summer birthday kiddos, we celebrate their birthday on their half birthday.  That way they get their own day, just like all the school year birthdays.

Happy Thursday,


  1. That song is great. I see why they love it.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Guess what song is stuck in my head? It's quite catchy!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. That song is so cute, thanks for sharing it! I am trying out the birthday crazy straws this year. Thanks for the organizational tip!

  4. I like that birthday song! It's a fun tune. I also like your idea using crazy straws. I may look into that. I need something better. I just give a pencil and would like to do something more.

    I understand the summer birthday thing. I like having my birthday in the summer, but it doesn't get celebrated at school. One year I had a group of second graders that had some girls who were quite the leaders. The organized a birthday party for me on another day with balloons. They brought food to school or their parents brought it later. It was a surprise! The principal knew and pulled me out of class. I don't know how they did this and didn't spill the beans!

    The Teacher's Jungle

    1. How fun! Don't you love what kids come up with!

  5. That birthday song is the cutest!! I can't wait to use it next year! I love how you display birthdays too. It just gave me an idea to use pirate gift bags to go along with my theme! :) Thanks for sharing!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  6. I liked the idea of a giant bday party for everyone (and going all out with streamers and huge cake and stuff). When you come from a poor school it is noticeable if well- off parents bring cupcakes and stuff for the class and other parents can't do it. This way we all celebrate together.

  7. That song is a RIOT! I keep playing it for my older daughters, and they are loving it too! Gonna use that one for sure this year. :)

  8. My second grade teacher was also my favorite. She had no girls of her own, so she said I was her adopted one. She came to my graduation, my wedding, and even took over my classroom when I had surgery 2 years ago!

    I am your newest follower.
    Stop by soon.

  9. I love this idea...enough that I may "borrow" it for my firsties this year! And, as for the summer birthdays, I student taught with a teacher who would let the children with birthdays in the summer pick any random day that they wanted (that wasn't someone else's birthday) during the year to celebrate their birthday, and they would do it that way. I like that each kid can have their own special day. Although, one year in one of my Pre-K classes, I had 10 of 18 kids turn 5 in a two-week span in September. That year, we did one big monthly birthday party each month...can you imagine nearly 10 straight days of cupcakes?!?! No, thanks. =)

    I love your blog, by the way, and can't wait to start catching up on what I've been missing out on!

    First Class First Grade