Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Poetry Pocket

Students bring poems and add them to the pocket.
It case you haven't heard...it is National Poetry Month.  When I was a 4th grader...(many many years ago) I checked out Jack Prelutsky's New Kid on the Block regularly, from the library.  My mom eventually bought me my own copy from a book order.  I would read and reread those poems, and I would copy my favorite ones into my writing journal.  I can still recite, "Homework, Oh Homework!"

To celebrate Poetry month the student of the day picks a number between 7 and 152 (that is the range of pages in The New Kid on the Block).  Whatever number they pick is the poem we read to start the day.  We also love Poem in Your Pocket Day.   Students have been challenged to find and print a poem from the internet, write their own poem, or copy one from a book, and stuff it in the poetry pocket.  On April 26th, we will read the poems we have been collecting in our large pocket.

What are you all doing to celebrate?
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  2. What a terrific idea. I loved a joke book in 4th grade...My mom bought me my own! I'm still telling one of the jokes from that book..."What goes ha- ha-ha-plop? A man laughing his head off!" It still has the power to make me laugh! Thanks for stopping by! I love all birds, but chickadees have always held a special place in my heart!!
    Owl Things First

  3. We're doing the "Poem in your Pocket" on Thursday. I love it! It's a ton of fun.

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