Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lost Weekend=Random Post + Linky Party

Where oh where did the weekend go?  Let's recap:
Two volleyball games...and we made posters for some team spirit.

4th/5th Team
6th/7th/8th Team

Now that it is finally Saltwater (sandal) Weather, toenails needed to be painted.

I HeArT Polka-dots!

imagine these tan and you have my staple summer shoe!
Lots of time planning more exciting bird activities.  Having completed examples for my chickadees helps them see the big plan (and me too).  So I spent some time's therapeutic! 

We are going to explore beaks and feet this week.  I am planning out a foldable to be added to our lapbooks.

The bottom six spaces will be for beaks and the top will be for feet
This part folds open

We are also going to start building our bird book pages.  Last week, after choosing a bird to research, we gathered facts from the internet.  This week we are going to put it into a non-fiction book page.
The cover will have a drawn picture of the bird, the bird's name, and a border made of words describing the bird.

Inside of the bird book page
The inside will have all kinds of information and drawings.  I am going to have my chickadees used shape templates for their information.  They can use them to trace their own paper and then write the information on it.  Once they have all their information they can arrange to where the want it on the book page.  

The book page will also have a border going around the page, but I am not sure we have decided what the border should have in it.
Shape templates
And I had to join up with A Class Act's Favorite Travel Cup Linky.  Mine is a Tervis Tumbler.  I LoVe these things!  They don't condensate and ruin papers or the desk, and can be used for hot or cold beverages. They even fit different lids; snap on lids with straws for cold beverages or lids with sliders for warm drinks.  I gave my aunt a Duke one for Christmas and my brother a Tampa Bay Rays one for his birthday.  Of is Dodger labeled, as well.  I switch back and forth between iced tea and hot cocoa.
Happy Sunday,

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  1. Your bird books are going to be great!! I especially like that idea of the word border for the front!
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