Friday, December 27, 2013

13 in 13

Kristin, Hadar, and Traci are hosting the 3rd annual Linky Party!  
13.  Favorite Article of Clothing
Not a clothes fiend....I would wear jeans and a hoodie everyday, if I could get away with it!  I do really want Portland socks.  They are printed with image from our old airport carpet.  (Only in Portland...weird things happen here!)
the carpet....
the socks...
12.  Favorite Movie
Love the Dodgers...Love Peewee Reese and Jackie Robinson...Love Baseball...Love the movie 42!
Honorable Mention:
Saving Mr. Banks (had to go home and watch Mary Poppins)

11.  Favorite TV Series
Sherlock is so good!  Each episode is an hour and a half long and just six episodes so far.  
Honorable Mentions:
Still Love New Girl!
Chicago Fire
Person of Interest

10.  Favorite Restaurant
The Waffle Window--so many delicious ways to eat a waffle!

9.  Favorite New Thing You Tried
Finally started a tpt has one measly freebie:-)  We will see where that goes.

8.  Favorite Gift You Got
I have wanted a mixer for more mixing by hand!

7.  Favorite Thing You Pinned
And not only did I pin it, I made it and it was delicious! 
A three layer cake.  Pumpkin spice cake on top and bottom.  Cheesecake in the middle.  Pumpkin frosting on top.  All from scratch.

6.  Favorite Blog Post
Winner:  How to Eat a Cupcake  If my class learns nothing else, I will consider it a success if they know how to eat a cupcake correctly!

Runner Up:  Famous Teacher Appreciation  An unsuccessful linky party attempt, but that doesn't deter me from liking it:-)  Just spreading some appreciation.

5.  Best Accomplishment
Reese (see #12) has made it to 8 months and we are both s till that IS an accomplishment!  She loves no-school days as much as I do!

4.  Favorite Picture
Spent the day at the beach with friends I have had since 3rd grade.  Love hanging out with the friends who have been around for forever!  It is amazing how we get together and it is like no time passed at all!

3.  Favorite Memory (this is going to have to be 2...sorry)
-Spent a week at Teacher's College Reading Institute.  It was so inspiring and I wish I lived in New York, so I could go more often.  While in NYC, I saw Newsies on Broadway.  The whole trip Back East was fabulous, but I think Newsies was towards the top!  

 -I also got to meet a bunch of Oregon COOL! 
L to R:  Nicole (Teaching With Style), Tanja (Journey of a Substitute Teacher), Michelle (3rd Grade al Dente), Laura (Teacher Laura), Me, Sarah (Sarah's First Grade Snippets), and Nicole (Teaching's a Hoot).
And it really is a small world....a student in my class is friends with a student in Michelle's class at a school across town!  

2.  Goal for 2014
I have been dabbling in Whole Brain Teaching for a while and love the results from the pieces I have implemented.  My goal is to add more pieces and make it a much bigger part of my class environment. 

1.  One Little Word
I think my word is going to be motivate.  I want to be motivated and, more importantly, I want to be one who motivates my Chickadees.

And there are my 13 things!

Happy Thursday,


  1. It's good to see you back. You've been missed! Thanks for sharing your 13. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. A Kitchenaid mixer! Hope you love it as much as I love mine. It saves so much time!


  3. Thanks for linking up!!!
    Reese is absolutely adorable! I can't stop giggling at the pic of her with her hair all messy! I want to cuddle with her!
    I forgot about 42!! GREAT MOVIE!
    Loved reading all about your 2013 - I have to go back and read your cupcake post - how did I miss it?

  4. Hey Laurie,
    It's been a long time since I've stopped by. I love your new pup! Is there a Waffle Restaurant where you live? HUH? My daughter is 100% obsessed with waffles. She eats them for breakfast and dinner most days.

    Deniece, This Little Piggy Reads

  5. Sure wish I could wear my nice comfy hoodies to school! A Waffle Window sounds just absolutely amazing.