Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Linky parties are so fun; especially when you get to learn a little about everyone else.  I have been enjoying finding out what everyone else is planning for their summer.
My first two are tied for excitement level....
1.  New York--mainly for a reading institue but also a bit of touring.  So far I know when I am working on the where I am staying:-)
SO excited for this!
 2.  Puppy--My new puppy will be ready to move to my house on June 12th, my last day of school!  SO fluffy!  Meet Reese Rickey.  Reese after my favorite Dodger, Peewee Reese and Rickey the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers who signed Jackie Robinson.
3.  Books...of course--I have a giant stack, but this is going to be re-read summer.  I never read books that I have previously read.  There are so many new ones that keep getting added to the stack.  So my book-a-day challenge is going to be centered around rereading.  (With the exception of a few that I have been waiting in the hold list for forever!)
4.  Blogger Meet-Up--A bunch of us Oregon bloggers are meeting up after school gets out!  You don't have to an Oregon blogger....just come visit our great state on the 17th:-)
We had a 4 day weekend, so tomorrow I get to go here (because I worked really hard on my end of year slideshow the past three days).  Seattle plays Cleveland, my dad's favorite team.
Happy Sunday,


  1. I'm so excited for your NYC trip. Okay, and I'm admittedly a bit jealous too. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. A blogger meet-up? How fun! :) Your new family member is absolutely adorable - enjoy every minute with him!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. Your puppy is to sticking cute! I'm a new follower. If you have time stop by my second grade journal to become a follower.

  4. I got my puppy on June 12th last year, which was my last day of school! He is soo cute! Enjoy New York!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. Your puppy is too cute! I hope your New York trip is fun! There is so much to see and do; what a great summer trip!

    Primarily Speaking

  6. I'm very jealous of your NYC trip. I used to live in PA and we'd go into the city several times a year. Now that I'm in Texas, I haven't been there in ages. :( Your puppy is just adorable! How exciting! :)


  7. Love your list! I found some great place to stay using Next week at this time I'll be meeting our host and checking into an apartment in Paris!
    Owl Things First

  8. I would really love to get to New York. I have never been to New York but, when I go, I am going to see a musical in Broadway. The puppy is adorable and being a pet parent is a very rewarding experience. You may be surprised by how you can gain from re-reading.

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  9. Your puppy is adorable!! Hope you have enjoyed the first few weeks with him!

    Snazzy in Second